Arilak the Unseen


Arilak looks every bit as deadly as she is. She usually appears as a beautiful woman with green and gold scales and a moderately draconic countenance. The Unseen moves with serpentine grace. She never hides her long golden claws or the way they drip with venom. Arilak wears an eerie black pendant and garbs herself in heavy robes that continually shift their hue.


Arilak began her career as keeper of the Primordials’ zoo. Long before the notion of man, the experiments in life used dragons as their templates. The results were gigantic scaled beasts of terrifying beauty. These experiments led to the creation of the Dragon Kings. Many of the prototype reptiles became liabilities. They were too deadly to become pets and too hungry to live near the creators’ new favorites. Arilak, overseer of the first lizards, was tasked with removing them from Creation.

Over the centuries, Arilak slew thousands of beasts that were only slightly less powerful than behemoths. Against orders, she hid away the favorites of her flock to places far from the notice of the sun or stars, and made them never to age or breed. She lost half her collection to the Fair Folk invasion, though, and so she hates the raksha even more than the Dragon Kings. A few of the lesser reptiles, such as the tyrant lizards and claw striders, remained free to breed.

In recognition for her service, Arilak received dominion over all the jungles of the East. Since then, she has kept most of her secrets. Few realize that Arilak can assume many of the great forms of her ageless pets. She chooses to do so only when word of this power could not reach the ears of Heaven, for she fears that the Unconquered Sun might realize she disobeyed her duties long ago.

Even mortals know about Arilak’s power over aging and health. Much to Arilak’s irritation, enterprising humans constantly venture into the jungles to seek a blessing of immortality. This does bring Arilak more worship than the jungle tribes provide. On the other hand, Arilak values her privacy and has no intention of simply giving away her great favor to just anyone who can survive a few thousand miles through the jungle.

The Unseen gives strangers a polite welcome to her sanctum. Visitors usually realize that their host watches them closely though, and the slightest discourtesy can provoke deadly retribution. Arilak suffers neither fools nor boors and can quickly banish, curse or kill almost any intruder. Still, Arilak sometimes gets lonely in her palace. Guests who can get beyond her brooding and sometimes menacing demeanor occasionally win friendship, love, trophies or one of the most desirable blessings in Creation.

Arilak never materializes outside of her sanctum because she becomes painfully thirsty and dry. If she must act materially in Creation, she possesses one of her pets. She rarely leaves her sanctum at all. Only official business in Heaven can reliably draw her away. Like many gods, Arilak notices the Celestial Bureaucracy’s increasingly lax oversight of Creation. She entertains serious notions of revitalizing the populations of her ancient flock, for both love and ambition. Using her divine powers, she could breed them quickly, but Arilak thinks this tempting plan is still too dangerous in the absence of powerful supporters in both Creation and Yu-Shan.

Arilak the Unseen

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