Nightfall Gunblade

weapon (ranged)

What used to be the Nightfall bow has been morphed into this black steel gunblade to accommodate the prowess of the night cast solar named Zurga.

Forged from black Malfean iron in imitation of Creation’s gunblades, this devicesuse pure darkness to fire blasts of black flaming bolt. Extending from the gun part is a sword blade made of black Malfean iron three feet long and two inches wide. If used against a Solar, however, the weapon inflicts aggravated damage and is piercing against orichalcum; the weapon’s bearer gains +4 DV and MDV against all attacks backed by Solar charm or magic; and successfully striking a Solar sometimes breaks their defenses. Roll one die for each beneficial Solar Charm affecting a struck Solar target: failure on the roll ends the Charm. The edge and bolts of the Nightfall gunblade strikes the spirit as well as the flesh. It requires 10 motes to attune.

Gun stats
Speed Acc Dmg Rate Range
5 +2 12L 1 10

Blade stats
Speed Acc Dmg Def Rate
5 +3 +8L +2 3


Nightfall Gunblade

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