Shadow of the Last Dragon

First Age Warship


This First Age warship has membranous dragonwing-style sails spread between blade sharp black coral spines of rigging. A massive razor-tipped horn projects forward to form a mighty ram. The terrifying ship is 220 feet long, with a beam of 132 feet and a draft of 16 feet.

Landscape Travel— By paying five motes of Essence, the Shadow of the Last Dragon can move across the water at 70 mph, regardless of the wind direction, for one hour.

Blessing of the Night Dragon— The pilot of the ship can add 1 mote to the initial cost of any Stealth Charm or Anima power to affect the entire ship.

Ram: Speed 6, Accuracy (wits+sail), Damage 30L, Defense +3, Rate 1 (defense inapplicable against ranged attacks or enemies smaller than ship-sized)

Essence Cannons (x4): Speed 6, Accuracy (dex+archery), Damage 20L (piercing), Rate 1, Range 1,000
Two cannons on each side; all have firing arcs of 270 degrees, with 70 degrees of upward elevation and 15 degrees of down. The attack is a searing beam of golden light.

*Noon-and Midnight Cauldron situated at the back of the ship. (see description below)

Speed: 10/20 mph under sail; 34/70mph under Landscape Travel power
Manoeuvrability: -5S (under sail); -2S (under power)
Endurance: None
Crew: 145/1
Cargo: No space beyond that taken by the listed crew size
Armor: 50B/50L (Hardness: 50B/50L)
Health Levels: Ux50/Mx30/Cx10/Ix10/D

A noon-and-midnight cauldron comprises a massive glass sphere 20 feet in diameter, in which are embedded dozens of crystalline pistons filled with crystal-clear vitriol. On one side of the sphere, a baroque array of brass and iron wheels permits a single artillerist to control the device. A fist-sized iris composed of shards of frosted white crystal opens on the opposite side of the sphere. The entire assembly is mounted on a wheeled chassis of black iron and brass.
The cauldron has two functions that must be initiated in order, each of which takes a full minute (60 ticks or one long tick) to activate. It always begins with its first power, the Ruinous Brilliance Ray. Pumping slowly at first, then faster and faster, the pistons draw all darkness out of the glass sphere, the vitriol within them blackening as the interior of the sphere grows lighter and lighter. When the sphere glows impossibly bright, the iris opens to unleash that brightness. The resulting ray destroys flesh, evaporates metal and melts stone. Any creature or object that loses all of its health levels to the ray is completely obliterated, leaving only its shadow behind.
Once the weapon’s brilliance is discharged, its readies its second power, the Soul-Ravaging Torrent. Now, the pistons discharge their accumulated darkness into the sphere until it swells with roiling shadows. Opening the iris releases a gout of unmitigated blackness that attacks the very souls of its victims. The shadow-blast oozes through armor to kill without wounds, leaving stone, metal, wood and flesh intact.
It costs 20 motes to charge the weapon. This expenditure allows it to fire both the Ruinous Brilliance Ray and the Soul-Ravaging Torrent.

Type Speed Acc. Damage Rate Range
Ruinous Brilliance Ray special -2* 100L 1 1,000
Soul-Ravaging Torrent special +0* 50L piercing** 1 500

  • Affects all targets in a line five yards wide. This is an unblockable attack.
    • The Soul-Ravaging Torrent affects the immaterial. It does no damage to inanimate objects.

Shadow of the Last Dragon

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